Our Services

Full Service International Market Research

LJE Research offer end-to-end research solutions to suit all your needs. We will take your brief and provide you with a customised solution to achieve your objectives and provide you with the answers you need. With partners across the globe we can run your International qualitative and quantitative study and provide you with an insightful and engaging presentation for your internal stakeholders.

Project Management

If you have all your suppliers in place but lack the resource to manage the project yourselves, LJE Research can take on the project, working remotely but fully integrating into your organisation to provide a seamless and hassle-free solution at busy times. We are happy to deal directly with your client and suppliers, as if we were a member of your team. We manage both large and small projects, qualitative and quantitative, national or international.

Report & Presentation Writing

LJE Research offer a report and presentation writing service, allowing you to pass your qualitative or quantitative data to us and receive back a professional, insightful and client-ready report.

Qualitative Interviewing

We are experienced in all qualitative methodologies, including:

  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Depth Interviewing
  • Online Bulletin Board Design & Moderation
  • Accompanied Shops
  • Ethnographies

International Fieldwork Management

Let LJE Research manage all elements of your fieldwork, including recruitment, venues, logistics and transcripts. From depth interviews to large scale hall tests and clinics we can recruit the right respondents for you across over 25 markets, using strong partner relationships.

We also offer short-term fieldwork assistance, such as on-site support at global Automotive Clinics, Hall Tests and Fly-In studies, or in-person interviewer briefings for local or international qualitative and quantitative projects.