We are looking for riders of all ages who own any type of motorbike to take part in paid market research.

Sign up today and we will contact you with our opportunities to participate in group and one-to-one discussions, online focus groups and unique bike design events. This is genuine market research and you will never be sold anything during any of the events or as a result of taking part in the events.

Bike manufacturers want to speak to Riders like you to help them understand more about what bikers need from a bike, and you could help influence future motorcycle designs. You are paid for all research that you take part in and participants always tell us how much they enjoy the projects.

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What Is The Process?

- Sign up and provide details of the bikes you own and how we can contact you

- We will contact you with any opportunities for research that we think you might qualify for and you will let us know if you are interested in taking part

- We will ask you some questions to check if you are right for the project

- You attend or participate in the research, with your relevant documentation

- You receive your payment for taking part in research events in either cash or gift vouchers

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After you sign up, your data will be stored securely and we will only use your details to contact you in relation to research projects that we think maybe relevant to you, or to ensure that your details are up-to-date.

To participate any of our market research interviews or events, you will need to bring proof of your identity (such as a driving licence or passport) and your V5 log book for the relevant motorcycle. Participation will be refused without these pieces of documentation.

To be removed from the database at any time you can contact lucie@ljeresearch.co.uk